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The reporter then rushed to the scene unannounced visits. & Nbsp; claiming smuggling brand & nbsp; into the stadium, appeared in front of a shocking look messy scene street fairs of all kinds of backpack and socks are built by piling several pile, stacked in huge ping Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping -pong table, socks unified price of 5 yuan. Clothes hanging on the side of the shelf, is a sign advertising "45 yuan a price, declined to bargain." & Nbsp; Reporters closer look and found Nike logo embroidered clothes, but not the Nike logo tag; inside authentic pattern resembles a backpack tag, empty word, and clothing size figures are also mostly "mysterious disappearance." Put aside a land scattered shoes, although the style, packaging and specialty stores in the very similar, but the "Nik Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e" shoes but no manufacturer-specific label, in the upper of the "Nike" logo printed blurred. The shoes price from 80 yuan to 200 yuan range, low-level heard so many students behind dew surprised look. & Nbsp; a reporter asked: "This is authentic it?" "We have these goods are smuggled brands, good quality stuff," the clerk said. & Nbsp; "If I buy back encountered quality problems how to do, who to turn to for her?" He asked the reporter. & Nbsp; "as long as they belong to the quality problems cheap jordans online , we Baotuibaohuan." Miss the phone number is copied to reporters, "We belong to Boli sales, there is no physical stores, only the telephone to contact to us." & Nbsp; students reflect different & nbsp; See reporters unmoved, Miss strengthen marketing offensive:. "These shoes are almost sold out, are you such students to buy, there are specially came from other universities to buy we have sold hundreds of pairs today up! "She also told reporters that they had previously also in other universities to" college traveling exhibition "means sales before, very popular. & Nbsp; At the scene, the face of this obvious counterfeit goods, the students do not reflect the same. And Wang, like most of the students, the attitude of contempt for holding counterfeit goods. Students also do not care. When students were asked whether a male worry about buying shoes is fake, he said: "Whether it is not fake, like cheap and looks like a shoe brand always pays!" & Nbsp; & nbsp selling is a crime ; afternoon, a reporter with from the "traveling exhibition" bought sports clothes, shoes and socks came to Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Shanghai headquarters. After Products tested and found reporters at the meeting are buying products are fakes. It is reported that, "Nike" in the country have legitimate dealers fixed, they can deal with discounts of commodities according to their circumstances, and the so-called "Beijing Dynamic Sporting Goods Co.," but not in legitimate dealers on the list. & Nbsp; It is understood that, "Adidas", "Nike" its graphics and English trademark according to the law by the Chinese Trademark Office approved the registration, legal protection, if knowingly counterfeit said registered trademark of sportswear, sports shoes, still to be sold, is a violation of registered trademark rights of others, constitute the sale of counterfeit registered trademark crimes. A huge amount of sales, may be sentenced to 3 years 7 years imprisonment and a fine. & Nbsp;